The below questionnaire is based on the characteristics of high performing teams. The 5 C’s model was researched and designed by Peter Hawkins, renowned expert and psychologist in group dynamics and high performance.

For each area, rate how you perceive the Lighthouse Senior Leadership Team and senior partners are operating now (Current) and how you would like to see it operating in the future (Desired) on a scale of 1 -5.

1 = The team does not at all meet the criteria at all
2 = The team hardly meets the criteria
3 = The team partly meets the criteria    
4 = The team mostly meets the criteria
5 = The team fully meets the criteria

The areas where there is a significant difference between current and desired scores is the priority area for focus, please indicate if you think this is a priority area, Yes (Y) or No (N).

Commissioning - Step 1 of 6

1. The team has a clear commission and mandate to act from those it reports to

2. Achieving the team purpose is recognised and rewarded as more important than achieving individual goals

3. Team members selected have the necessary skills and expertise to complete the mandate