King’s ACP Transitional Development Support Training Evaluation Form

In order to maximise your time and develop the right level of future support required, we welcome your opinions. Your responses will be kept confidential and individual feedback will not be reported to the training team.

1. Aims and outcomes

PoorAdequateGoodVery good
1.1 Information provided on the programme aim, outcomes and learning topics before arrival
1.2 The aim and outcomes were achieved through the learning topics delivered

2. Please evaluate the course content and materials as follows:

PoorAdequateGoodVery good
2.1 Suitability of time allotment between subject areas
2.2 General format of presentations
2.3 Relevance of examples, cases and discussions to your role and career
2.4 Your satisfaction with audio visuals/ hand-outs/ materials

3. Please give us your opinion of the instructor(s) skills in the following areas:

PoorAdequateGoodVery good
3.1 Knowledge of the subject was good
3.2 Creating an atmosphere in which all learners felt free to ask questions
3.3 Generated lively, thought provoking and relevant discussions creating a shift in your thinking
3.4 Managing the group dynamic

4. Please give us your opinion of the following:

PoorAdequateGoodVery good
4.1 As a result of this session, you have a greater understanding of your own influencing style and how that impacts other people
4.2 As a result of this session, you have a greater understanding of how to engage others with your vision