Children and Young People’s
Mental Health Provider
Leadership Programme


Strategic Project Presentations Feedback

By providing feedback to your peers, you will help them to understand how well they were able to engage you and influence your thinking. 

Your feedback is really important to give them ideas for how they can improve further to get the best outcomes for their project.

This is the name of the person who presented
Very poorPoorFairGoodExcellent
Very poor
Was it simple and clear? Was it actionable? Did it capture the impact they want to have?
Not at all clearSlightly clearModerately clearVery clearExtremely clear
Not at all clear
Slightly clear
Moderately clear
Very clear
Extremely clear
This could be the CYP and their families/carers, individuals in the CYP MH workforce, individuals in the community etc.
Not at all wellModerately wellWellVery wellExtremely well
Not at all well
Moderately well
Very well
Extremely well
Beginning: characters/stakeholders and the current situation. Middle: obstacles and solutions. End: the transformation (outcomes) and impacts

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